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Nutram - T26 無薯無穀糧全犬糧 中型犬 (羊肉及豆莢) 2kg
Nutram - T26 無薯無穀糧全犬糧 中型犬 (羊肉及豆莢) 2kg
Nutram 紐頓
Nutram - T26 無薯無穀糧全犬糧 中型犬 (羊肉及豆莢) 2kg
積分: 239
存貨狀態: 100
HK$ 239.00 原價:HK$ 265.00

材料:去骨羊肉, 羊肉乾粉, 扁豆, 豌豆, 雞心豆, 豌豆蛋白, 芥花籽油, 天然肉類風味, 蘋果, 亞麻籽, 奶油瓜, 南瓜, 西蘭花, 藜麥, 海鹽, 蛋氨酸, 氯化膽鹼, 菊苣, 海藻,維生素及礦物質, 菠菜, 絲蘭, 青口素, 迷迭香精華

• 羊肉及豆莢類配方

• 能滿足各階段犬隻的營養需要

• 扁豆、豌豆及雞心豆提供低升糖值碳水化合物

• 純羊肉配方、單一肉類蛋白

• 無穀物、馬鈴薯或木薯


粗蛋白質 30.0%

粗脂肪 16.0%

粗纖維 6.0%

水份 10.0%

粗灰份 7.5%

鈣 1.2%

磷 0.8%

Omega-6 3.2%

Omega-3 0.3%


T26 Nutram Total Grain-Free

Lamb and Lentils Recipe

T26 Nutram Total Grain-Free® Lamb and Lentils Recipe Dog Food is a Holistic, multi-beneficial, and nutrient-rich recipe that improves your pet’s wellness from the inside-out. Our Holistic approach starts with wholesome ingredients you can pronounce, such as a blend of low-glycemic Lentils, Peas and Chickpeas as a source of healthy carbs and quality protein. This, combined with real Lamb, a gentle protein source, and Pumpkin, with its natural fibers, provides an optimal environment for proper digestion. Nutram's Optimum Combinations™ goes further and offers anti-inflammatory sources of Omega-3 fatty acids through whole foods, such as Flaxseed and Green Lipped Mussel, for improved mobility. You can be confident that your pet’s food is healing, wholesome and part of a total wellness lifestyle.

Available Sizes: 2 kg (4.4 lbs), 11.4 kg (25 lbs)